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Musicmagix Recording is a professional digital audio and video production company. we can help you create your audio project in the format(s) that are right for you.Audio Recording, Voice over, Dubbing, Ads, Jingles & Commercials , IVR messages and anything related to audio including noise restoration.

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Creative and Technical Skills

To equip students with a combination of creative and technical skill sets required for Audio Technology and Production.Composing, Keyboard & Rhythm programming done with high professional standards.

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If you are a musician with not much of western music background, you need not worry about it. We can help you in creating an extraordinary harmonization for your songs.Music recording is one of the most rewarding yet critically important phases of audio production. to ensure we capture your best performance, we've packed every square measure of this studio

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Background Score

Music for motion picture (Re-Recording) for movies and short films.Our mission is to make the most effective score possible for each project, and to provide clients with the freedom to focus on how they need the score to fit in with their project to create it the best it is. we leverage the services of professional musicians, programmers and artists from india and abroad to deliver that special score.

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Mixing & Mastering

Highly Professional Mixing and Mastering for film and non-film songs done with absolute calibration. Mono compatibility mix done.Mixing & Mastering is a very important process in creative audio production; it’s through this method that we get your audio ready for the public. All the professional songs/advertisements have a mastering method, which transforms a simple audio file into a masterpiece.

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MS Recording

Matrix style recording which is popularly known as MS Matrix recording is done for absolute spacious stereo recording.

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Calibrated Mastering

Mastering is done professionally according to the international standards with the help of special equipment integrated along with high-end plugins.

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Instant Time & Pitch Correction

The musical knowledge of the engineer helps the performer to give the best at a rapid speed because of ultra fast pitch and time correction done instantaneously.You need not worry if you have given a recording with great feel which is completely off pitch and off tempo. We are sound magicians & within no time we will bring everything on pitch and time instantaneously which is the most important part of modern recording workflow.

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It is not important whether you are a professional or an amateur. The ultra fast workflow and proper guidance imparted during the recording will help you to boost your creativity. The tension of getting an absolutely class product with professional & commercial excellence is ours.

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Musicians & Artists arrangments

The Sound engineer is an 8th Grade Pianist and has given many solo piano concerts around the world. We have a great relationship with all the professional musicians like singers, voice-over artists, dubbing artists and instrumentalists. We can get you the best of the best musicians at a very affordable price because of our long time association with the studio projects.

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Dubbing Studios Kodambakkam

"So let your knowledge act as a base and your experience as a root for success in your musical journey."

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