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Sound Engineering Degree

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Music Magix is one of Chennai’s leading Music institute specializing in Music production and Sound engineering courses. The course encompasses a unique methodology to help students learn not just the theory, but also practical music production and sound engineering techniques. Students get to work with best and renowned musicians in the industry and learn the actual sound and its imprint. This course offers the students hands on experience and exposure working in a professional studio environment on real projects with actual gears.

Under the able guidance of faculties who have over two decades of experience in music programming, recording, mixing and mastering, students will be able to conquer challenges at any level.

Music Production helps students to learn keyboard and Rhythm programming at an advanced level with a very high degree of articulation and detailing.In addition, they also get to learn various workflows for recording, mic placement techniques, instantaneous editing, pitch and time corrections, Sound synthesis and sampling.

Students also get to learn various methodologies to produce a mixed and mastered sound, with its sounding equivalent to a super hit commercial record. Students also get to see the evolution of a song from the scratch to the final master which is a critical part of their learning curve.The course offers details of almost every pixel seen in a software along with the right workflow. Additionally, students get to learn and master the techniques and methods of portable usage of music/sound production software.

"Remember, the engineer’s ears and taste is the ultimate deciding factor for the destiny of the song".

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"So let your knowledge act as a base and your experience as a root for success in your musical journey."

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Course Features

  • Learning from one of the most experienced faculties.
  • 100 % Practical classes with all essential theory taught intuitively.
  • Learning all the methodologies to meet the commercial requirements
  • Integrated knowledge of music and sound and Soft skills.
  • Complete Knowledge on Chord progressions and Beat Creation.
  • Every student taught to read and write western notation at an expert level.
  • In-depth knowledge of Sound Designing.
  • Lightning fast work operations.

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"So let your knowledge act as a base and your experience as a root for success in your musical journey"

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