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'Music Magix Advanced Music and Sound Engineering Program’ is a kick start for any musical aspirant who wants to know more about the process of getting that ‘Commercial Sound’ and to possess infinite workflows to create his own signature sound.

The course is designed for twelve months and focuses only in the studio level workflow. While many institutes try to incorporate many software programs, live sound engineering, acoustics, theories and so on in just one to two year period, it becomes impossible for the students to meet the professional and commercial requirements there by ending up in odd jobs. We as working professionals with an experience more than a decade understood the requirements and came up with a course that would benefit the students to know trade secrets with professional hands-on training and equip them for the day to day needs and keep them in the top chart.

We all know that for an art it takes a second to learn and lifetime to master. Knowing the fact, we focus entirely on a new way to teach the concepts of sound engineering and music production in a more practical way than a theoretical way. It’s always easy for the brain to comprehend and internalize the technical subjects in a practical and pictorial method rather than reading the subjects merely in a theoretical way.

This course aims to give a complete hands-on training from drop to drop right from the scratch till the final master. Every single workflow will be taught intuitively in a very easy manner where students cannot forget the order.

It’s the workflow which matters and produces definite results. Experimentation can start after thorough learning of the subject. Trying to figure out the technical secrets would take a lifetime resulting in wastage of your precious time.Secondly there is no point in just learning the software alone. It’s important to know its tips & tricks and acquire in-depth knowledge in order to have creative thinking and imaginative execution. We help the students to be creatively technical and technically creative.

You will be able to understand all the complicated workflows just at a glance because of our effective communication and intuitive training methodologies. All the bundles of information are woven in a memorable storyline. This is the only place where you can sit next to an engineer who is highly experienced, internationally acclaimed and has proven his strength for over a decade with countless albums. Individual attention is given for the student’s growth.

Career Opportunities :

❖  Composer

❖  Keyboard and Rhythm Programmer

❖  Sound Designer

❖  Music Arranger

❖  Recording Engineer

❖  Music Editor

❖  Music Producer

❖  Music Business Management

❖  Re-Recording Mixing Engineer

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"So let your knowledge act as a base and your experience as a root for success in your musical journey."

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